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Industrial Mathematics, Modelling, Optimization and Simulation. PhD in Mathematics. Worked over 30 years as Associate Professor in Differential and Integral Equations of the University of Tartu. Worked one year in the University of Rome. More than 60 scientific publications. Member of the Council and of the Educational Committee of ECMI, European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry. Member of Management Committees of COST Action TD1409 Mathematics for industry network (MI-NET) and COST Action TD1307, European Model Reduction Network (EU-MORNET). Representative of Estonia in the Association of European Operational Research Societies, EURO, and in the International Federation of Operational Research Societies, IFORS. Member of Board of the NPO Estonian Centre of Industrial Mathematics Xi. Partner in the Project IUT20-57 „Structural Problems in Analysis, Algebra, and Geometry, with Applications to Numerical Analysis”. Secondary Proposer of the new COST Project “Fintech and Artificial Intelligence in Finance – Towards a Transparent Financial Industry”. Programming skills in FORTRAN, MATLAB, SCILAB.

Some past projects; Secondary Proposer if not indicated otherwise.

– ETF5863 “Spectroscopic studies of the mechanism of creation and radiative decay of excimers and excimer-like centres in rare gases and rare gas crystals (1.01.2004−31.12.2007)”.

– SF0182565s03 “Ontologies of interactivity, multi-agent systems and time (1.01.2003−31.12.2007)”.

– SF0180081s08 “Models of applied mathematics and mechanics (1.01.2008−31.12.2013)”.

– ETF7097 “Tomographical Surveillance of the Trophosphere. (1.01.2007−31.12.2009)”; Main Proposer.

– VFP15006 “Observation capacity mapping in the context of Atmospheric and Climate change monitoring (GAIA-CLIM) (1.03.2015−28.02.2018)”.

– “IMTRM06191 “Application of Models of Industrial Mathematics (1.02.2007−31.05.2007)”; Main Proposer.

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