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How IT Works?

There is a need to shift into more customer-centric model, as more insurance companies light up telematics technology. Imagine being able to predict an incident before it happens? Merging data analytics together with driver behavior is a game changing reality companies are just beginning to realize the benefits of.  If actuaries can see patterns and trends, that’s where the magic begins to happen.

Holon Technologies provides integrations with data sources, validation of data and tools for analytics. There is no need to develop and maintain technology  – just make the technology to benefit your business!

Holon gives easy access to the market and involves low market entering costs. Pay-As-You-Benefit business model.

Our solution enable vehicle insurers to improve pricing mechanisms based on actual driving data, gain better control of claims and differentiate their offerings to current and prospective policyholders.


Customer View

Usage-based policies provide people with the same coverage that conventional auto insurance policies do, but are often less expensive. When your safe driving habits are demonstrated through telematics data, you could save quite a lot.

Usage based insurance (UBI) customer receives benefits such as reduced invoices, discounts, driving feedback. Most importantly the pricing is fair.

How customer’s driving behaviour will influence the cost of insurance contract? Every customer can see from mobile app or from website his/her insurance driving score.

Vehicle Insurance Future

The integration of telematics technology constitutes the latest revolution for the automotive insurance industry. Following schematics illustrates the change in insurance industry.

What Holon enables?

In general:

  • Pay-As-You-Drive (PAYD)
  • Pay-How-You-Drive (PHYD)
  • Manage-How-You-Drive (MHYD)
  • Try Before-You-Buy (TBYB)


  • Get access to different data sources with one integration
  • High-quality validated data
  • Tools for analytics and for visualising data
  • R&D and custom development


  • Low market entering costs, pay as you benefit
  • Get access to markets fast
  • Differentiate brand
  • Correct risk misclassifications
  • Enhance pricing accuracy
  • Attract favorable risks
  • Fight fraudulent claims
  • Retain protable accounts
  • Reduce claim costs
  • Enable lower premiums
  • Replace proy variables with intuitive variables directly related to loss eposure


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