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QUALITY – we provide accurate and reliable data.

COOPERATION – we value teamwork and creativity.

We do believe that investing into the development of abilities and the creative streak of our co-workers and partners is the force that leads ahead. We highly value team work, creativity, experience – everything that helps us to achieve sustainable results.

Secondly, we attach great importance to deadlines and agreements. One of the main values iHolon Technologies is customer loyalty. We make investments in order to provide satisfaction to the customers and high quality solutions.

Holon Technologies believes that profit and growth are the means that help us to achieve common aims.


Holon, as a business partner, binds together different partner interests and provides know-how and technology that enable to offer efficient products and services to final customers.

The team has worked together more than 10 years in various projects , we have 15+ years of experience in operating big IT infrastructures, the necessary know-how of software development and technology that enables to offer efficient products and services to final customers.

We involve researchers in development in order to achieve excellence in the  satisfaction of our clients´ business needs. We are guided by the best practices described in ISO standards, ITUP and ITIL.

MISSION: To provide client efficient solutions for data aggregate and analytics.
VISION: Number 1 platform for volume sensitive insurance service provision in Europe.



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