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Future in Third-Party Liability

1. Pay-As-You-Drive (PAYD)

2. Pay-How-You-Drive (PHYD)

3. Manage-How-You-Drive (MHYD)

4. Try Before-You-Buy (TBYB)

What Do We Do?

For Policyholders

Fair and attractive price

Selection of insurance quotations

Insurance on demand

Fast insurance

Easy to re-join

High privacy

Drive score

For Businesses

Know your driver style

Only one integration

Usage based pricing

Data about insurance contract

Drive score analytics

Independent partner and anonymised data

Insured Customers

For Insurers

New markets and new products

Differentiation from competitors

Easy to start

One integration

Easier client communication

Analytics for Risk Management

Research and development

Why Holon?

In philosophy a holon is something that is simultaneously a whole and a part. We love to make cross-sectoral co-operation easy!

We see the world like entrepreneurs, think like programmers and care about your privacy. Our objective is your efficiency.

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